Creating Human-Machine Artificial Intelligence

Our vision is to build a Human-Based Artificial Intelligence, which can solve problems that neither humans nor computers can solve alone. The first application of this technology is a product ecosystem which collects, annotates, and trains machine learning models to recognize any object in images or other data. Access our AI services here, today.

An AI Ecosystem

Data Collection
Microwork App
Data collection for AI
Images, Video, Audio, Text
Custom Data Creation Tasks
100k Microworkers
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Data Labeling
Image Annotation
Managed Data Labelling
Image Annotation Services
Ground Truth AI Training
Hybrid AI Annotation Tools
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Dataset Store
Dataset Studio
Variety and Diversity
Custom Datasets
Constantly Growing
Supplement Your datasets
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Model Building
Machine Learning Service
Model Consultation
We train your model
AutoML, Sagemaker
Active Learning
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Use Cases

We are excited to be able to contribute our human-machine artifical intelligence system to helping understand and diagnose the current global pandemic, the coronavirus, COVID-19. We are currently using human annotation to build a strong dataset of X-Rays and CT Scans that can be used to create highly accurate machine learning models.

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Fashion is an interesting and excellent example of annotating images for machine learning. Our human annotaters draw bounding boxes around the objects in question, and also describe their type. We create classes and attributes out of these descriptions, including things like style, color, and material. These attributes are things that humans can easily notice but machines cannot yet. So, we create the opportunity for superior AI with fashion as well.

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Our logo datasets are perfect for retail tasks like managing inventory and price checking. You can train models to recognize logos on store shelves, or streamline inventory management processes. Using the logo datasets, you can also create AI programs to automate inventory tracking based on the logos of thousands of different brands, and track distribution of products on shelves, check for shelf gaps, help customers find items, and more.

We’ve also collected a huge variety of images in the agricultural space, resulting in a rich dataset. Domain experts in agricultural fields are able to recognise the most challenging objects in our images such as insects, diseases and visually similar species. With us, you can manage your own Ag-Tech datasets and annotate them yourself or outsource the work to our domain experts and experienced project managers.

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