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Our Founder, Andy Gough, started the project back in 2014 at The Blockchain University, Mountain View, California. He was thinking a lot about the future of work and how bitcoin could impact it, when he discovered ethereum and realized that smart contracts could be used to incentivize a motivated group to behave according to a pre-determined deign.

With the right interface and incentive system, motivated people could answer questions, or solve problems that no other computer could solve. By making these human intelligences available in a similar way to a machine application interface, the human and their intelligence can provide computations. This human computer is particularly good at training AI to recognize things, precisely because humans can solve these problems easily and machines cannot.

Today, the human intellectual services provided by our platform supports our products at each stage of AI development, from collecting data with our mobile apps, annotating data with our hybrid-ai or human workflows, to crafting important datasets available to the entire blockchain community, and finally to model training services and consulting.

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